Study cases

Seminar problem cases / workshops:

The ISTS 2017 Seminar offers the challenge, for its participating students, to be gathered into teams dedicated to tackling a company problem. The teams are set by the event organiser with the objective of emphasizing excellence, multicompetence and multiculturality.

Here are the partner companies problem cases / workshop themes of the seminar:

1) Sustainable daily hygiene (confirmed, carried by KleenU ): aiming for global markets, the case focuses on the innovative design of an automatic paper towel dispenser. The studied product is a solution to hygiene problems in metropolitan areas as well as in developing countries or crisis situations.

2) Mobile phone gamepad solution (confirmed, carried by Protolabs ): aiming for the global phone accessories market, the case focuses on a breakthrough in mobile gaming playability by designing an accessory device for mobile phone gamers. The use of advanced analytics for 3D CAD design and prototype development are key aspects in delivering the case solution.

3) Multifunctional name badge solution (confirmed, carried by Pointti ): aiming for providing an innovative solution to corporate identity needs for working people, the case focuses on the development of a sustainable solution in the business cards accessory market. The use of 3D CAD design, product development, the development of the business model and the marketing strategy are key aspects in delivering the case solution.

4) Game/app development (confirmed, carried by Tuiske productions): aiming for the video gaming market, this problem is partly of a “hackaton” nature. Along with delivering a sustainable business model, and a game prototype, the team may deepen aspects such as value fo user (uniqueness, learning, pleasure), profitability, playability (scenario, gamification), visual identity (graphic design), community building, big data analytics, etc…


All cases imply for the participant team to challenge the current global strategy and corporate identity of the company problem carrier, and to make suggestions for innovative breakthrough.