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General rules of the ISTS 2017 event

Summary of deadlines: Enrollment starts: 2nd of May. Early birds rate: for registrations until 20th of June then last minute rate. After registration, participants get the validation by FISOC and the payment information. Registration deadline: 9th of July. Payment deadline: 10th of July. Arrival to event: 19th of August. Actual event: 20th – 27th of August.

Terms and conditions The following terms and conditions set out the legal rules applicable to the ISTS 2017 event. Participants shall be bound by these terms and conditions upon registering for the event and are advised to read and understand these terms carefully before registering. The Organizer will not accept any conditions contradictory to or deviant from these general terms and conditions.

Organizer The Responsible institutions for the organization of the event are Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS), the National Institute of Technology (hereinafter called “NIT”), Toyohashi University of Technology, and Nagaoka University of Technology.

Host Responsible for hosting the event is Turku University of Applied sciences, located in Turku, Finland.

Collaboration The event is related to the JSTS 2017 event. The participants of JSTS are encouraged to attend ISTS 2017 continuously. It aims to enhance the skills obtained at JSTS. Information about JSTS event can be found at

Date: The ISTS event takes place as full day program on 20th-27th of August with participants arrival on 19th of August . Hotel for participants is therefore arranged with check-in starting on Saturday August 19th and check-out on Sunday August 27th.

Registration process The number of registration places to the ISTS 2017 event is limited. A participant must make use of the official coordinating person of the institution he belongs to in order to ensure institutional support and a valid registration process. After validation from the ISTS Country Advisor (see below) and the official coordinating person of the own institution, the registration to the event can be started through the online registration system link sent by the ISTS country advisor. An individual candidate for participating to the ISTS 2017 event must make sure he/she has contacted his/her own institution’s coordinator prior to actual online registration. Registered participants will receive a confirmation of the registration details. If you do not obtain anything, please send an email to the country advisor to make sure that the ISTS 2017 Organizer has received your booking. Registration will only be effective on receipt of the registration rate by international banking payment (see information below and on website).

Contact for registration: FISOC allocates an institution adviser per country to support preparation and participation of the delegation, prior to event online registration. Therefore FISOC provides support towards the participating institution coordination point for each country. If your Institution/University is interested in participating in the event, could you please inform on the contact information/person and preferred communication tools (mail, phone, social media profile) for preparation? We will then be able to send you information on arrangements, participation fees, etc… Please contact the following Country/Institutions Advisers through your Institution coordination point.

Registration and payment timeline

Registration rates and payment conditions The rate of the conference is provided upon demand to the Finland Organising Committee (FISOC) by the coordinating person acting on behalf of the partner institution. Travel expenses are excluded from the registration rates and result in additional expenses. Accommodation and meal expenses (3 / day) are included in the registration rates, starting from breakfast on Day 1 (August 20th) until Lunch on Day 8 (August 27th). We require using international bank transfer when registering for the Conference. The detailed bank information can be found on the website or upon demand to the FISOC. After the online payment you will receive a message that the transaction was successful. Please make sure that you proceed with payment of the fee for participation to ISTS 2017 as soon as you have validation from your institution coordinatorand that you have received the confirmation mail after having proceeded withthe online enrollment. Please proceed by paying the fee amount as confirmedby FISOC and your institution coordinator. Please contact ISTS and institutioncoordinator if anything is unclear.

Please use the following payment information for international bank transfer:


ACCOUNT NAME: Turku University of Applied Sciences IBAN/ACCOUNT NUMBER: FI31 5717 2020 0063 17
BANK NAME: OP Corporate Bank plc Helsinki, Finland
COUNTRY: Finland
Please write in the text option in the payment: “ISTS 2017”.
Payment to be done in Euros (€).

International transfer fee is paid by the participant. VAT The event fee includes a 10% Value Added Tax (VAT), payable by all delegates.

Intellectual Property Rights The case studies gave been developed and proposed by the partner companies. The copyrights on projects’ outcomes are fully owned by the company.

Visa Application Participants are advised to proceed with visa requirements and application in good time before the event. Please find complementary information at

Conference Language The event official language is English.

Religion The organisers provide praying rooms for the participants during the event.

Sport and weather There will be free-choice possibility to attend some outdoor sport and cultural activities so we strongly recommend all participants to bring a rain coat, a swimming suit, as well as clothes and shoes which may allow to attend a sport activity where one may have to run. The sport activities are not compulsory.

Cancellation For cancellations after July 10th, 2017, the organizers charge a service fee of EUR 150,- Participants, who do not cancel and do not attend, will still be responsible for the full registration rate. The participant has the right to appoint a substitute at any time without additional cost. All cancellations and changes must be submitted in written form – with indication of full name, invoice number and bank details for reimbursement – to the FISOC. The Organizer reserves the right to modify the content of the program, the speakers and the times of presentations. In the case of a cancellation by the Organizer participants will be reimbursed the registration rate actually paid.

Liability The Organizer does not accept liability for the up-to-dateness, correctness and completeness in respect to event documentation and content. The Organizer will not assume any responsibility whatsoever for any damage or injury to persons or property during the Conference.

Photographs, video-streaming, etc. The Organizer may free of charge and without the further consent of the participants use and release pictures and shots taken of the participants and/or their works (such as posters, excerpts of presentations or lectures) during the event for reports of the event and announcement of events in future. The Organizer may audio and/or video tape the sessions and the tapes may be published in our newsroom. Speakers who do not wish to give permission please email FISOC before the commencement of the event.

Privacy Policy All personal data provided to the Organizer for registration will be treated as confidential. The data shall be used and stored for further processing and documentation purposes. The information will not be re-used for an incompatible purpose. Data shall be delivered to assigned service providers, as deemed necessary for the successful performance of the event. The Organizer will only disclose information to third parties if that is necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose(s) identified above.

Severability Clause If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid, the invalidity of that provision will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions, which shall remain in full force and effect.

Disputes All agreements between the Organizer and the Participant and all disputes which may arise between the Organizer and the Participants shall be exclusively subject to Finnish law. Court of jurisdiction shall be Turku, if not otherwise required by the Finnish Consumer Protection Act.