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About Turku

Turku is the best and most inspirational student city in the Baltic Sea region. There are 40,000 students studying in the six universities and universities of applied sciences in Turku – one quarter of residents of the city are students!

Turku is the oldest and one of the largest cities in Finland, with a unique archipelago of over 20,000 islands. This modern and lively city is just one day’s cruise away from Stockholm, and Helsinki and St. Petesburg are easily accessible by train.

Fact & Figures

  • Population 5.5 million (Turku 187 000)
  • Bilingual: Finnish (91%) and Swedish (5.5%)
  • Main religion: Lutheran (73%)
  • Economic structure by GDP: Services 66.5%, Industry 30.2%, Agriculture 3.3%
  • Main exports: Electrotechnical goods, metal products, machinery, transport equipment, wood and paper products, chemicals
  • Modern, safe, and well-functioning society
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International Symposium on Technology Sustainability

International Seminar on Technology Sustainability was held for the first time from the initiative of National Institute of Technology, Japan. This seminar has been held for six times in several places in Asia Pacific, such as Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia.

In 2017 the International Seminar on Technology for Sustainability, is held for the first time in Turku, Finland. Get the flyer!